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BMP Program Service s.r.l., founded in 2009, is the natural continuation of a sporting association, existing since 1996, which was born to perform testing sessions for the WRC San Remo Rally preparation.
All along these 15 years, we have developed our services in whole Italy and abroad, proud to be chosen by most of the Manufacturers and Teams of the WRC, the ERC, let alone the Italian Rally Championship Teams.
We have enjoyed the pleasure to become partners and official suppliers of these important motorsport actors, supplying our knowledge and services to help them developing and set-up their rally machineries throughout the years.

These cooperation have been based on the quality and the quantity of our technical and logistical solutions, on the undisguised value and experience of our consultants, well recognized at International level, who supply their valuable proposals to match customers' requests and needs.

We supply turn-key solutions all over Italy, on tarmac, snow and ice, mainly in the North (Liguria, Piedmont, Friuli, etc); in the Center (Tuscany, Sardinia, Umbria etc) we present both gravel and tarmac solutions, as well as in the deep South (Sicily, Puglia, etc).
Last but not least, we have the capability and experience to organize test sessions in different European nations, such as but not only France, Spain, Portugal.

NOTE: Tests are organized respecting the highest standards of safety and accomplishing current laws and regulations.

Example of safety plan:

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